Post-live After-action Austin Caucus Report


Here’s a fair summary of last night’s Democratic caucus scene here in Austin.

Also: We attended our local precinct caucus, and it too was overflowing. The nice lady running it said they typically see maybe a dozen or two voters during these things; last night the crowd was estimated at around 400 people. Most people left after they had stood patiently in a long, slow line to sign the attendance form to indicate which candidate they came to support. After everyone had signed a form, the ones who remained were peeled off into Obama/Clinton groups to wait while the election people tallied the number of times each candidate’s name appeared on the forms that people had signed.

Then, humanity broke out into the open, all over the crowded room. There was some mouthy, buffed & coiffed woman taking charge of our Obama group for no apparent reason; there was some weird guy with a video camcorder who was recording the entire proceedings, making sure he got everyone’s face in his movie; there was a fat guy over in the corner with really bad flatulence who made staying quite undesirable. Weird video guy at one point piped up and said he wanted to make a motion for the upcoming county convention to “establish the Dennis Kucinich Department of Peace” just like Kucinich planned it. Mouthy, buffed & coiffed woman asked who wanted to be our group’s leader, and eventually a seemingly nice but very young kid was selected, a college student who didn’t know a precinct from a percentage. Flatulent man released another blast. And that’s when we decided to join the majority of caucusers (caucussers? caucusites?) and leave.

All in all, it was interesting and educational. But while walking out into the fresh night air, I just kept thinking “Thank God I’m a Republican.”