Your Hat and Coat, Ma'am

Newsweek’s Jonathan Darman argues that Hillary Clinton is the political warrior who “waits and works and wins.” But tracing her history as a candidate’s wife, Darman concludes that


Losing, in other words, has taught Hillary that sometimes she must sacrifice herself for the Clintons’ greater good. It is a lesson that may be worth remembering if she fails to reverse Obama’s momentum on March 4. A protracted, nasty fight for the nomination would tarnish the Clinton name and might endanger the party Bill and Hillary have spent three decades trying to build. The Clintons’ place in history is too valuable to them for Hillary to take that risk. In the history books, after all, she can be the woman who conceded gracefully—and the woman who never quit.

Man, even the nice articles are telling Clinton that it’s time to drop out.


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