Mikey Likes It

Mayor Mike on Ralph Nader:

“This business of Ralph Nader being a spoiler — you know, in any three-way race, two of the three are going to be spoilers,” Bloomberg said. “Come on. Everybody’s got a right to do it — you’re not spoiling anything.”

“If people want to vote for you, let them vote for you, and why shouldn’t they?” he added.


The story continues:

The billionaire 66-year-old mayor denies he is exploring his own presidential bid, but aides and operatives have been working behind the scenes to lay the groundwork for an independent campaign, should he decide to jump in and fund it with his own fortune.

Let’s say Nader gets half of one percent of the vote. And Bloomberg, if he runs, gets about the same or a little less. Is that enough votes drawn away from an Obama-Mondale (Obama-Bentsen?) ticket to make McCain a shoo-in?


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