Live Vodkapundit Report from Austin, Texas.

Hey there, Steve. I’m down here in Austin, ready to serve up a whole heapin’ plateful of news for your drunkblog tonight. Ready, pardner?

Wish I could say all of Austin is atwitter for tonight’s big debate at UT between Hillary and Barack. But in my few months living here, I have never seen anyone twitter. Texans don’t twitter, far as I can tell. Texans will, however, do fun stuff like go behind Hillary’s campaign headquarters in Austin and park a funny looking trailer with big cigar sticking out of its mouth. Who’s idea was that? Hmmm…

But, I have scanned the local news reports and can provide updates on what each candidate did this afternoon. Barack is looking very relaxed and has plenty of free time to do fun stuff, apparently, which should endear him to Austinites real quick like. You can see in this picture, he had time to stop by UT and take an American Sign Language course.


And then Hillary. Well, Hillary, it’s looking to me like she got herself arrested down Laredo way, judging by this picture. Too bad, that.


Alrighty then. That about covers it from here. Back up to you at VP headquarters there in Colorado, Steve-a-reeno. The eyes of Texas will be upon your, um, lap.

(OK, if this posting doesn’t get me a paying job with PJM, nothing will.)