Debate Drunkblogging -- REMEMBER THE ALAMO!

Also remember that the defenders lost at the Alamo.

I never thought I’d say this, but Hillary Clinton is too stupid, dependent, and timid to be President of the United States of America. A year ago, even a couple months ago, I might have said that Clinton was too shrewd, shrill, and bellicose to be President. But not anymore. Not after tonight.


Clinton came into tonight’s debate a loser. She lost the last ten primary contests, she lost the support of some unknown number of superdelegates, and she lost the mantle of inevitability to Barack Obama. She came into tonight’s debate needing to shake things up. And what did we get? The same Hillary we’ve seen in every other debate of this overlong campaign season.

That’s stupid.

Clinton has spent millions of dollars on election advisors and pollsters who told her she didn’t need a plan extending past Super Tuesday. Her advisors told her she didn’t need to bother spending money on the ground in states like Wisconsin and Texas and Ohio. Her advisors told her to play nice against Obama. And she took heed, no matter how often her advisors were wrong.

That’s dependent.

Hillary needed to shake things up. She needed to be bold, be daring. She needed to show her heart and her steel. Instead we got… what? A candidate who changed the subject when the going got rough. When asked about the Mexican border, Clinton talked about Canada. When asked about Obama’s credentials to be commander-in-cheif, she talked about health insurance. When asked about what she’d do as President, she pretty much admitted that she wasn’t going to get the job. “Whatever happens, we’re going to be fine,” she said.


That’s timid.

This is the Hillary Clinton who had some bloggers — including me — buying into the counterfactual nonsense that she’d prove to be “the most uncompromising wartime leader in American history?” Oh, please — she can’t even stand up to Barack Obama.

Imagine how she’d do against the Taliban, or Beijing. Hell, if you’re a Democrat, imagine how quickly and completely Clinton would fold to the Republican minority in Congress.

Clinton has already lost, and deservedly so.


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