One Last Thing

Before we get to the Debate Drunkblogging, some final thoughts on Iowa. I mean, other than it sucks. Or rather, more exactly why Iowa sucks.

The Netroots seems pretty gleeful that Huckabee means the Republican Party is about to implode, or represents just desserts or something. Well, maybe — but that’s I think that’s assuming Huck gets the nomination. Which I doubt. Or even that he’s a Republican, which I doubt even more. I mean, he’s even worse at being a Republican than I am. I’ve been trying to tell the Evangelicals to go to Hell for years — but the Huckster would drive off the majority two-thirds of the Republican coalition.


That said, Iowans usually only make three kinds of choices:

A) One-night winners who go down in flames (Dole, Gephardt in ’88, Huckabee in ’08).

B) People who go on to win the nomination, but who you wish hadn’t (Dole in ’96, Kerry in ’04).

C) People who go on to win the election, but who you wish hadn’t (Carter – sort of – in ’76, Bush in ’00). 

And there you have it — Iowans almost always pick bad candidates. (The exception to the rule might be Barack Obama, but it’s too soon to judge him as a nominee or a president. Although I can tell you this much: I’ve seen – and voted for – a lot worse in my time.) The only cure is amputation. Iowans must be cut off from the nomination process.

It’s for the good of the country.


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