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Cloudy Thinking

Honda introduced a new hydrogen-fueled car at the LA Auto Show. Details:

Honda Motor Co. said Wednesday it will begin leasing its new FCX Clarity hydrogen-fuel-cell-powered car to a limited number of Southern California drivers this summer.

Honda wouldn't say how many vehicles will be leased. The company plans to offer a three-year lease with a $600 monthly payment. The low-slung, FCX Clarity sedan was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Let me see if I have this straight. For about double the monthly payment on a leased entry model Mercedes C-class or BMW 3-series, you can get a car you can't get fuel for most anywhere, and which has the same ugly-ass rear end as Honda's first alternative-fueled vehicle that nobody bought, the Insight. Even the names are too similar for comfort.

Skeptical I might be, but I have to admit this part sounds cool:

Honda also is developing a home fueling station that uses a home's existing natural gas supply to produce hydrogen. The automaker now has such a fueling station on its research and design campus in Torrance.

No more trips to the filling station sure seems nice--but I'm not sure I want the EPA coming to my house every month, demanding I fill out environmental impact statements in triplicate.