I'll Take "None of the Above" for $400, Alex

Here’s how I summed things up at PJM:

My last (first? only?) thoughts: Thompson exceeded expectations, I think, keeping him running. McCain had the best soundbites, Rudy had the best instincts, and Mitt turned out his worst performance to date. Tonight’s winner: Hillary Clinton, for being the focus of 15 minutes of a short debate.


Fox News viewers would seem to agree, because they couldn’t settle on a Republican victor. This one goes to Hillary by default.

UPDATE: K-Lo pretty much echoes the VodkaPundit summary. Advantage: VodkaPundit, for saying the same thing, seven minutes sooner. The blogosphere is rough, baby.

UPDATE: Tonight’s loser? Fox News. I know these debates don’t really mean much, but this one seemed especially vapid, concentrating on hot issues like “Who’s the real conservative?” and “The Woman Who Isn’t Even Here.” Lame.


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