There is a Republican Debate this afternoon — yes, another one — and so of course I’ll drunkblog it. Miss out on Fred Thompson’s big debut? Not a chance!


The fun starts around 5pm Eastern right here at VodkaPundit.*

UPDATE or CORRECTION or SOMETHING: The debate starts at 5pm Eastern, but MSNBC isn’t broadcasting it until 9pm. Unless I find it somewhere else live, then look for the fun on a four-hour tape delay.

WHEW: They didn’t make it easy, but I’ve got it figured out. CNBC will air the debate live, at 4pm Eastern. 1pm for you West Coast people. Which means I have to start in on the martinis before 2pm my time — and I’ve got a haircut at 1. We might but running a few minutes late. But only a few.

*Unless I hear back from my masters at Pajamas Media. In which case, the party will be at their house.


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