Pardon the Language/One Thing D

So this is Verizon’s answer to the iPhone. It’s called the Verizon Voyager.

The good news is, it’s 3G, it has GPS, you can stick an SD memory card in it and take the battery out. The bad news is, unlike the iPhone it doesn’t have much on-board memory, so the SD card becomes a sort of mandatory option.


Verizon isn’t yet saying how big the thing is, but the Detroit Free Press describes it as “about twice as thick” as the iPhone. So much for sticking it in your back jeans pocket, as I like to do.

And no wonder the thing is such a pig. It has a touch screen up front, then a smaller screen with a full QWERTY keyboard tucked away inside. The touch screen is slightly smaller than the iPhone’s, but comes nowhere near the clarity — resolution is half the Apple unit’s. This is not the phone for showing off your baby pictures.

No word yet on battery life, although 3G can really suck down the power cycles. Maybe that battery is swappable for a very good reason. Might a second battery be another “optional” accessory? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, if I may paraphrase Colm Meaney in The Commitments, “Is this the phone then? Betcha Steve Jobs is shitting himself.”


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