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The New Guy

Yo, Steve, it's Monday!

Thank you for allowing me to become a contributor to your inestimable Web site, which has become an archive of wisdom, humor, and fearless opinion steeped in the best traditions of generations of American tipplers. I look forward to contributing to the fun.

But hey, can I have a week's probation to learn all these new buttons and things?

Cheers, everybody. A picture of my credentials is (hopefully) attached.

MORE: Where are the olives? What's the recipe? I'm glad you asked! Watch, listen, and learn from young Patrick Dennis in this clip from the 1958 movie classic: Auntie Mame. Thusly did I learn to make martinis oh so many years ago.

The martini scene comes about half way through the clip. The entire movie is a hoot -- watch it all sometime. My drinking buds and I have seen it DOZENS of times over the years.