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Some days, it's really good to be a blogger. In the last few minutes, Chris Huckenpoehler and Patrick Rockefeller both emailed pictures to me of today's protest at the Danish Embassy.

Here are a few from Patrick -

Yes, that's Christopher Hitchens.

Sully was there, too.

And Cliff May and Bill Kristol.

Cliff and Patrick each had shots showing just how odd (and I mean that in a good way!) the Danes can be -


Finally, my personal favorite -

Yep, a protest sign made from Lego. Ya gotta love the Danes.

UPDATE: Eddy has more pics at Crossing Wall Street.

And even more from Fuck France.

UPDATE: Finally, a protest babe.

Chris writes:

Just back from the pro-Denmark rally in DC; always worth it, even if it costs a day off.

Crisp, Sunny - Beautiful day

My take? Not bad for a good protest, from my experience in DC (insert raised fist here...) Plus, Hitchens, Kristol & Blankley showed.

Three significant differences between our protests and their riots, that I thought of on the drive home:

- Nothing was burned, no one was killed, and the security was only 3 (Three!) of DC