Ten Bucks For Hank

Marc Danziger (aka Armed Liberal) at Winds Of Change is leading up a blog fundraising drive for Hank Johnson. Johnson is running for the Democratic nomination to Georgia’s 4th District House seat; he forced Cynthia McKinney into a run-off in this month’s primary. Marc’s plan is to raise $50,000 for Johnson’s run-off campaign in $10 increments.

In all honesty, I don’t expect to agree with Johnson on all that much. If elected he’ll probably vote the same way I would have maybe one time out of a hundred–but that’s still better than the “never” I can expect out of McKinney, and I’m reasonably sure Johnson won’t morph into a raving pro-terrorist nutbag while in office. Blogger Will Hinton, who seriously considered running against McKinney as a Republican an independent, is also supporting Johnson.

The argument that McKinney should be allowed to stay in office so she can continue being a living example of the crazy Left is tempting, but frankly, I’m sick of her. She’s an embarrasment to the state and the nation and yes, to her party, and it’s time she was out of office and off the front pages.

Since I don’t live in the 4th District and can’t vote against her directly, giving ten bucks to Hank looks like a pretty reasonable deal to me (the 4th is an overwhelmingly Democratic district; the general election will be little more than a formality). If you agree, you can contribute here. The run-off election will be on August 8.