So Long LP

The Libertarian Party has driven away yet another member:

I’m a party-free kind of guy right now. I was a Libertarian, but have officially changed my party affiliation from that tribe of loser-savants to (I) for Independent. The Losertarian Party lost me when they suggested in the most recent issue of the Losertarian Paper that the United States Government engineered 9/11, that the buildings were control-detonated, and that unwieldy, bloated bueracracy somehow managed to gain enough competence to fake out the entire population of the world, who watched every second of it on TV.

Never mind that I saw the airliners crash into those buildings with my own eyes. Nevermind that Osama Bin Laden later accepted credit for this noble and humane deed. Nevermind that the actions of every one of the terrorists were documented by many non-government bodies, it’s the Republican’s fault!

Read the whole thing.

(Hat tip, David J.)