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It won't surprise anybody who's been paying attention that Sony won't be delivering the PlayStation 3 to anyone this month. What might surprise you is that even Japan will have to wait until November:

The delay was a painful admission that packing all the newest high-tech goodies into one machine won't be an easy task. When completed, the PS3 will play all PlayStation games, old and new, as well as high-definition movies. It will let users surf the Internet via a broadband connection and sport a 60-gigabyte hard drive to store downloaded games or music, a wireless antenna to link to other Sony gizmos, and a tiny camera for chatting with friends over a video hookup. "This is not something I like to publicize, but the hardware is going to be costly," Kutaragi said.

How costly? It will probably cost Sony $800 each to make consoles they won't be able to market for more than $400. Ouch.