Christmas In July

Or maybe August, by the time the Air Force’s Air Combat Command dots all the T’s and crosses all the I’s. Spook86 has the story:

After scrutinizing existing AF guidelines, applicable public law, and military tradition, the Command Chaplain has determined that ACC bases can have a Christmas tree, and better yet, they can refer to it as a Christmas Tree, and not a Holiday Tree (whew). In his memo, the chaplain noted that President Bush referred to the national tree in Washington as a Christmas Tree, so if it’s good enough for the commander-in-chief, it’s good enough for ACC.

Unfortunately, the memo is also a paen to political correctness. The command guidance recommends that installation Christmas Trees be located in front of the Base Chapel and not at the Wing Headquarters or Command Headquarters, since that might constitute some sort of official endorsement of the holiday, or the symbol.

And it gets worse. During official lighting ceremonies or similar events, the guidance recommends that speakers (say, the Wing Commander or Senior Installation Chaplain) recognize “other” holidays that are celebrated during the same period, including Ramadan, Hannakuh and, of course, Kwanza. Mentioning “other” holidays is supposed to be a means of promoting diversity and inclusiveness, according to the guidance.


Read the whole thing – it’s hysterically funny, just like doing your taxes.


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