Freedom to Fold II

OK, so maybe the MSM isn’t really a bunch of cowards. Perhaps they’re only cowards selectively:

CNN’s excuse is — and excuse the expression — complete bullshit. Did that consideration — “not unnecessarily adding fuel to the controversy” — stop CNN or any of the rest of the Western media from displaying those inflammatory photos from the Abu Graib prison scandal, globally, for weeks, and 24/7? No?

Ah, but you see, that case was different! Then they were only inflaming Muslims by trashing and insulting the fascistic American military. But here they would be inflaming Muslims by trashing and insulting anti-American terrorists. You do see the difference, don’t you? Unrestricted free speech is contextual: it all depends on whether you’re trashing the reputation of America, or that of its enemies.


We have seen the enemy, and he is us. Except he isn’t really us. The MSM have all-but-declared themselves the useful idiots of the other side. If only they were also dumb – as in, “mute.”

Related stuff here from Pieter Dorsman, who wonders why it’s “taking so long to get the west to formulate a proper response.”

UPDATE: At Cumulative Model, Aaron writes, “But the cartoons suck.”



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