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Last week veteran (and internet gourmet coffee store owner) Jeff Schneider decided to drop his Google ads, despite the potential loss of business. Today he writes:


Glenn and Stephen,

The same day that I sent my e-mail to Instapundit, I sent an e-mail to Google letting them know I was suspending my advertising and telling them why. The next day I got the typical form letter – we have received your e-mail and will be responding shortly ……

Well, they responded yesterday, this time with another form e-mail. This form e-mail was a follow up to the original form e-mail letting me know that my concerns would be forwarded to the appropriate people, but if I needed an answer in a hurry I should consult their FAQs.

I looked at the AdWords FAQs. I did not see the categories for questions related to: Assisting Repressive Regimes, Censoring Free Speech and Thought, or Selling Out Our Core Values to Make a Buck.

Its funny, when I first contacted Google with questions about becoming an AdWords customer, they were very quick to respond to me, and while I received one form e-mail letting me know they had received my e-mail, the next communication came within hours and was not a form e-mail saying the appropriate person would get back with me.

You’d think Google is maybe hoping that they’re so big this thing will blow over in a week or two and everyone will forget about China. Hopefully guys like you won’t let that happen.


We’ll do what we can. Thanks, Jeff.

And you can thank Jeff, too, by ordering some of his fine coffees.


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