SOTU - Democratic Response

8:18pm Virginia is a state, just like all the others.

8:19pm Prompted, I suppose, by Hillary Clinton, Kaine started off by talking about his missionary work as a young man. Smart move.


8:20pm Also, Kaine has that deer-in-the-headlights look. But I don’t blame him for being nervous.

8:21pm So far, Kaine is playing from the Opposition Playbook. Comparing Clinton’s surplusses with Bush’s deficits, etc. Standard stuff, but he also seems to be relaxing a bit.

And if it seems like I’m spending too much time on Kaine’s performance, it’s because this is his first time on the national stage.

8:23pm There’s not much to say here, because Kaine isn’t actually, you know, responding to what Bush said. If the Democrats want to win, they’ve got to take Bush and the Republicans head on. Kaine isn’t doing that. He’s only five minutes into his speech, and he’s already presented a longer “laundry list” than Bush did in an hour.

8:25pm “We must defeat those who attack and kill innocent people.” Kaine is also talking about how some of those killed on 9/11 were killed right in his state.


This should be good stuff, but it isn’t. Instead, Kaine is repeating the same old talking points we’ve heard for two years now. This is an unimpressive debut speech – and it has DNC fingerprints all over it.

8:26pm OK, I have a 2008 Election Drinking Game. Every time between now and then, take a shot every time a Democrat says “there’s a better way.”

Your liver will give out long before the election. Maybe even before Kaine is done talking.

8:28pm I actually feel sorry for this guy. I’m sure that if he’d been taken off the leash, he could have given a credible response.

8:29pm Nice finish after a lackluster effort.

Final thoughts in just a bit.


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