Land of Confusion

Results as of 11:35pm ESTBob: Good day, eh, and welcome to the Great White North. I’m Bob McKenzie, and this is my brother, Doug.

Doug: How’s it goin’, eh?

Bob: All you hosers out there don’t know what’s going on in Canada’s elections. And you’re asking us, eh?

Doug: Like we know.

Bob: Yeah. Like we know, eh?


Sorry for the Early Eighties flashback, but Canada’s election was so screwed up, all I could think of was SCTV. Be glad I didn’t try to work Count Floyd or Johnny LaRue in there somewhere. Anyway, let’s see if we can make some sense out of what happened Monday.

Let’s congratulate Conservative leader Stephen Harper for doing the impossible: pulling in more than a third of the vote and (probably) becoming the next PM. From there, things get complicated.

The countries two lefty parties, the Liberals and the NDP, together garnered about 48%. If you think that sounds like a victory for the righty parties, think again. Ten percent of the vote went to Bloc Qu


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