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Stephen King Can Take His Spam And Shove It

Gizmodo ran a blurb yesterday about a promotion Stephen King's publisher is running for his next book, titled "Cell" (as in phone).

Unfortunately for me, I already knew about the promotion. I learned about it at 1 AM Tuesday morning, when my phone woke us up with a cheery "you have a text message!" bleep. A couple of "hey, wake up, you have a text message!" bleeps later, I groggily opened the phone to find a spam "offer" to sign up for the King material.

This on a cell phone whose number has never been given out to any company--and I course, had to pay for receiving the text message. I called my provider the next day and had any future messages from "cellthebook.com" blocked. King's publicists have slipped a gear on this one; cell-phone spam the receiver gets charged money for is much worse than email spam, and they ought to be raked over the coals for this one.

No thanks for the spam, Stevie. You're on the boycott list now.