Now You've Done It

The current Iranian government isn’t some anti-Semitic, terror-sponsoring, nuke-grubbing, repressive, women-hating gang of thugs. Oh, no. They’re a group of anti-Semitic, terror-sponsoring, nuke-grubbing, repressive, women-haters who hold international conferences:


“President Ahmadinejad has placed at the centre of international attention, a very important question on the truthfulness of the version that Europe and the Zionists have imposed on the world on the murder of Jews during the years of the great war, and therefore we are of the opinion that it is useful and necessary to organise an international conference on that theme, where all the historians and researchers, even those that do not believe in the official version, will be able to express themselves freely,” Mehdi Afzali, spokesperson of the Association of Islamic Journalists told Adnkronos International (AKI).

Tehran has joined the ranks of Pat Buchanan and Joseph Sobran, and done so in a way


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