Congressional Mail Bag

Mike Daley sends the link to a letter written to anti-war Congressmen, from a young Army officer in Iraq:

Never has a nation invaded another for the purpose of improving the style of government in the occupied land, while simultaneously respecting the lives and resources of the people. Naturally, there is a self-serving national security concern that is the overriding issue; however, the American military truly believes that it is also improving the lives of the Iraqi people. After three successful elections never before witnessed in this part of the world, American service-members have much to be proud of.

However, you portray the war as an imperialistic adventure along the lines of Napoleon. As Camillus saved Rome, you play the role of a present day Manlius. Envious of success, along with a desire to contradict the President at every opportunity, you conduct yourselves in ways that reflect your self-centered, degraded pursuit of power. How shallow it must be to sacrifice the honor of the American military and all of its accomplishments in Iraq at the altar of the 2006 and 2008 elections.


Victor Hanson has the rest at his site.


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