Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, Eh

About 20 years ago, I read something funny about Canada.

No, really.

Granted, I was young and a political junky – two attributes which probably didn’t speak well for my sense of humor. That aside, there was a line in Jim Dunnigan & Austin Bay‘s indispensable Quick and Dirty Guide to War that had me in stitches. Concerning the (remote) possibility of Canada fracturing into two or more nations, they joked that readers should “watch for Newfoundland to petition the United Kingdom to be taken over as a colony.”


Not exactly a knee-slapper, but in a geeky way it becomes really funny when you stop and remember that the Newfies didn’t become a part of Canada until after WWII, and were never all that keen about it. Remaining a Crown Colony (or becoming one again) had certain advantages. Like not having to listen to all those pushy Qu


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