The Windy City

On a a flight somewhere one summer with Dad, he pointed out a little trivia sidebar in the airline magazine: Chicago was only the nation’s 14th most windy city. Number one was, I think, Baltimore.

Colorado Springs is giving Baltimore a run for its money today.

The wind storm started last night and hasn’t slowed down a bit. Yesterday, I figured we had another two weeks before calling the lawn service to pick up all the leaves and cull the dead branches. This morning, there wasn’t a single leaf left on a single tree. We lost a section of fence, too. Our outdoor chairs – heavy ones for Colorado weather – have been blown all over the place. The gate was wide open. The thermometer was knocked off its hanger and broken.

And I do mean it’s a wind storm – there hasn’t been a single drop of rain.

I’m a little surprised we haven’t lost power yet – this thing has been going for ten hours or so now, with winds over 60mph.

Man, this is cool.

(Click the pics for bigger versions.)

UPDATE: Here’s what the winds did to the 35-foot pine tree in the front yard.

ANOTHER UPDATE: At least two 4x4s snapped off on the north fence.

I know this is no hurricane – I just love wind storms. Always have.