(Still) Not Getting It Department

The French are revolting! OK, really they’re only on strike:

French commuters faced serious travel disruptions from a one-day nationwide strike that was also expected to ground hundreds of flights from Paris’ two main airports.

France’s civil aviation authority predicted that 175 short- and medium-haul flights would be cancelled from Orly airport south of Paris and 212 from Roissy Charles de Gaulle north of the capital. No disruptions were expected on long-haul flights.

In the capital, around one underground metro trains in two were operating, while only one third of suburban trains were in service.

Of course, the reasons for the strike are pretty revolting:

Five of the country’s biggest trade unions called the stoppage to protest policies the centre-right government has brought in to invigorate France’s sluggish economy and to push for public sector pay rises.

That’s the way to help your country get out of a sluggish economy – increase public debt while making it impossible for people with real jobs to do anything.