Saved, After All

Here’s some good news:

Auburn freshman defensive end Alonzo Horton’s prayers have been answered.

A week after being informed that his two younger brothers had died in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in addition to his aunt Hattie Wimberley, Horton learned that 8-year-old Jerry Taylor, Jr., 6-year-old Delorean Taylor and his father Jerry Taylor, Sr. have been found alive and well in Houston.

“I found last night that my brothers and daddy are safe in Houston, Texas,” said a relieved Horton Monday night in Auburn. “It was a sigh of relief. I can’t really explain how I felt that they are alright.”

Early last week Horton found out that Wimberley had drowned in New Orleans. Days later, he was told by a cousin that he had also lost his two younger brothers. The two boys were allegedly lost when water surged into the Abramson High School gym, which was being used as a shelter, and presumed dead.

I bet there are a lot of stories like this being played out right now. I sure hope so.