Bad Weather Blues

THE PERSEID METEOR SHOWER may be exceptional” this year, but you wouldn’t know it here in Colorado Springs. It’s been overcast and raining since last week, mostly. A shame, too – I’m all hopped up on Red Bull, trying to put the final touches on a little something. Staying up to watch the meteors wouldn’t be a problem. Except for all the fog and clouds.


Remember the drought and the wildfires I spent so much time complaining about? Methinks I didth complained too much. While everyone, everywhere else it seems was baking in record temps, we’ve had maybe one day above 88 in the last eight days. Last week, Melissa borrowed one of my winter shirts to wear to work – she doesn’t yet have any winter maternity clothes.

But I won’t complain – oh, no. If only because this is the first summer in three that big patches of our lawn didn’t die.


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