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Movie Talk/Vicodin Talk

Growing up on old movies, I wanted to grow up to be Cary Grant. Needless to say, in that sense puberty was a big disappointment. Not tall enough. Too skinny. Good chin, but uncleft. And try as I might, I still sound too Jewish to be as WASPy as Cary. So I set my sites comfortably lower, and aimed for William Powell.

Was Powell suave? Sure - but still a little goofy. That, I could handle. Even better, I got to marry a very 21st Century version of Powell's frequent costar, Myrna Loy.

But we were talking about Cary Grant, weren't we?

Want to know exactly why, all these years later, Grant is still the coolest cat who ever was? Start here, and scroll up until you're done.