The "Little People" Have Big Ears

Last month, Dickie Durbin expressed surprise that his Nazi-Soviets-Pol-Pot slander got noticed in the press. It hasn’t been very long since his surprise would have been understandable–an awful lot of stories involving left-leaning politicians didn’t get reported in the MSM.


As Dickie found to his dismay, the internet has changed all that. Thanks to Drudge, Chuck Schumer is getting a similar lesson today.

You don’t just have to worry about your pals in the press any more, boys. The “little people” are listening, too. And we don’t need to ask the permission of any ideology-addled editors before we report on what we’ve heard.

UPDATE: Just for the record, I’m neither shocked nor particularly offended by Schumer’s “statement”; it’s about what I figured his position would be… but I’m also reasonably sure that he didn’t want it publicized. Ten years ago, it wouldn’t have been.


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