A Window On The Moonbat Soul

A confession: I’m having a hard time getting worked up over Dick Durbin.

Yes, what he said was indefensible and stupid, but Durbin’s never been anything but a party machine hack, and few senators on either side of the aisle are often described as “intelligent.” Yes, the statement itself is destructive nonsense destined to be endlessly recycled in propaganda from the al-Jazeeras and New York Timeses of the world, and one would hope that a high-ranking US senator would know better, but then again, this is Dickie Durbin we’re talking about. It’s not really that surprising when you consider the source.

Durbin’s Nazi-Soviet-Khmer-Rouge ramble was probably only tossed out as a bit of red meat (or perhaps deep-fried Vegan tofu) for the MooreOn donations crowd. I’ve no doubt that he and the DSCC have been raking in leftie money over the last couple of days. They’ll need it–since what Durbin’s dumb rant really accomplished was demonstrating to everybody else just how unserious the Democratic Party is when it comes to dealing with terrorism.

Equating anything and everything thus far reported from Guantanamo with “torture” is nonsense on stilts. Air conditioning changes, intimidation, sleep deprivation and having your personal space invaded by a woman? Hell, I put up with worse stuff that that at summer camp. What will they threaten these thugs with next, the comfy chair?

To borrow a few lines from Lileks,

I don