Pardon the Language

Oh, shit:

The World Trade Center Memorial Cultural Complex will be an imposing edifice wedged in the place where the Twin Towers once stood. It will serve as the primary “gateway” to the underground area where the names of the lost are chiseled into concrete. The organizers of its principal tenant, the International Freedom Center (IFC), have stated that they intend to take us on “a journey through the history of freedom”–but do not be fooled into thinking that their idea of freedom is the same as that of those Marines. To the IFC’s organizers, it is not only history’s triumphs that illuminate, but also its failures. The public will have come to see 9/11 but will be given a high-tech, multimedia tutorial about man’s inhumanity to man, from Native American genocide to the lynchings and cross-burnings of the Jim Crow South, from the Third Reich’s Final Solution to the Soviet gulags and beyond. This is a history all should know and learn, but dispensing it over the ashes of Ground Zero is like creating a Museum of Tolerance over the sunken graves of the USS Arizona.

It’s worse than that. Debasing freedom on the site where freedom was attacked, is more akin to giving equal time to The Protocols of the Elders of Zion at the National Holocaust Museum. Why doesn’t the IFC just go on and include a multimedia exhibit of the West’s crimes against Islam?

Actually, it’s worse even than that: It’s treasonous.

Oh, I don’t mean treason in the legal sense. The IFC exhibit provides neither aid nor comfort to the enemy. In any case, I don’t use that word lightly here at VodkaPundit. A search through the archives finds just 11 posts using that word, in almost three and a half years – and never once used as an accusation. In that way, I’m a lot more …sober… than certain Republican talking heads on TV.

But the IFC exhibit is treason to the memory of the nearly 3,000 people who were murdered for the crime of going to work on 9/11/2001. Whatever our nation’s faults, whatever injustices have been committed in our names, no matter what someone might ever have suffered at our hands…

…those are not the stories to tell at the site where the World Trade Center towers once stood. At the site where 3,000 people were burned or crushed or leapt to their deaths. Not at the site where we suffered one of the worst surprise attacks in modern history, and against a civilian target.

We don’t memorialize our war dead by including pictures of them picking their noses. We shouldn’t remember our losses by blaming its victims – or even their great-great-grandfathers. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier isn’t inscribed with, “What a Fuck-Up, Huh?”

But those are the things that the IFC’s exhibit aims to do.

It must be stopped.

It must. be. stopped.