A Suggestion

In light of the recent calls from opportunists, idiots and appeasers leftie luminaries like Joe Biden, Jimmy Carter, and Thomas Friedman for the US to close the Guantanamo Bay terrorist prison camp and turn the inmates loose, I have a modest suggestion for the Bush Administration: turn loose some facts about the bad guys instead.

There’s very little public information out there about the “detainees,” and as a result, it’s easy for anti-American outfits like Amnesty and the New York Times to project an aura of wronged innocence around the bloodthirsty thugs who’re currently unwilling guests of Uncle Sam. I can’t think of a better way to (a) illustrate the need for keeping these guys locked up and (b) discrediting the Jimmy Carter squishes of the world than releasing dossiers on the known activities of the Islamofascists who’re under lock and key down there.

Once people get a chance to read about the actual history of Abdul al-Terrorist and how he was responsible for scheduling Talaban stonings of gays, or recruiting suicide bombers, or doing logistical planning for 9/11, I doubt very much a Biden would be able to convince them that old Abdul ought to be given a public defender like a common burglar, or even set loose.

Just a thought.