They're Not Victims, Kerry

John “Loser” Kerry is soliciting emails from military families regarding sacrifices and hardships they’ve suffered as a result of family members serving in Iraq. My brother-in-law is just such a family member, so I sent off the following “Dear John” letter:

Dear John,

My sister’s husband served over a year in Iraq, including the entire ground war and the first year of reconstruction. He missed the second year of his first child’s life to do so, and he has just deployed to Afghanistan, where he’ll miss the first year of his second child’s life.

He is proud to serve, and we are proud beyond words of him and his sacrifices. And we are ashamed that you, as a US Senator and would-be president (that’ll be the day), would be soliciting military families to give you sound bites for your personal political gain.

Shame on you, you pathetic vulture. Release your Form 180.

As PoliPundit notes, Kerry isn’t interested in stories of heroism or honorable service or good works. He’s just looking for gripes and camera-ready tales of “victims” that he can parade before the press. That’s disgusting. That’s the kind of stuff you’d expect from a Michael Moore or hell, from Bagdhad Bob himself.

And this guy wanted to be commander-in-chief.