The Good Old Days

Germany’s Pink-Green coalition government continues to push for renewed arms sales to China, but nasty right-wingers say it’s a bad idea:

”This is not the right time to lift the embargo,” Friedbert Pflueger, foreign affairs spokesman for the Christian Democrats, said in an interview.

”It sends the wrong signal to China. It is also damaging for Europe’s relations with the United States. We are going to bring this issue to the parliament and vote on the matter.”

The European Union imposed the arms embargo after the Tiananmen Square massacres in 1989. Pushed by France and Germany, which have substantial economic interests in China and whose leaders are eager to increase sluggish growth rates, the EU is preparing to lift the embargo, saying the human rights situation in China has improved.

Remember when the lefties told us selling arms to dictators was a bad idea? Remember when righties were accused of being little more than shameless money grubbers with no interest in human rights?

Remember that? Wasn’t that cool?