Men with Small...Minds

Blogger Jason (I can’t even remember his name!) Justin wrote: “LaShawn, as much as you preach, I wonder if you have a HUSBAND and a FAMILY??? Probably not.”


Unfortunately this sort of response is what women, married or single, have to deal with from disgruntled men. A woman with strong opinions is a shrew. If she’s unmarried, it’s because of her “preaching” (read: nagging).

This is a great follow-up to the controversy about the “dearth of female political bloggers” and political writers on American newspapers’ op-ed pages. Maureen Dowd (reg. req.) wrote about this subject last Sunday. Although she got a lot of criticism in conservative circles, I actually liked the column. Dowd writes:

Men take professional criticism more personally when it comes from a woman. When I wrote columns about the Clinton impeachment op


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