White Males and the Blogosphere

White males dominate the blogger A-list, but do they dominate the blogosphere? Glenn Reynolds, a white male, opines about the topic. He also links to others who discuss the lack of skin color and “gender” diversity, although Glenn focuses on the latter.


Are women political bloggers more sensitive to the “hate” in the blogosphere? Glenn writes:

[I]f you look at the kind of hate that Zephyr Teachout got from her fellow Deaniacs (see the comments to this post), and if you believe, as Ann Althouse seems to, that women are more sensitive to that sort of attack than men are, then more politeness might help.

I know that a lot of women feel that men are clamoring to get ahead of them, but on the other hand, I know that a lot of men are afraid that women will pile all over them — and play the double-standard “you’re hitting a girl” gender card — if they say the wrong thing. (And there’s evidence for this — ask Larry Summers.) That’s gender dynamics.

More interesting is a link to a Newsweek article by Steven Levy, who asks, “[W]hy is the blogosphere dominated by white males?”

Does the blogosphere have a diversity problem?

Viewed one way, the issue seems a bit absurd. These self-generated personal Web sites are supposed to be the ultimate grass-roots phenomenon. The perks of alpha bloggers


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