Trousergate update:

Sandy Berger, the former National Security Adviser who was caught smuggling top secret documents in his underwear and socks from a secure facility, was recently sent on a secret mission to Iran to determine how far along they are in nuclear development.

“Sandy was ready to serve his country again,” said a White House spokesman. “He has a talent for smuggling top secret information out of secure areas. He had already used this talent to steal US government documents, and now he’s put his talents to good use and helped us determine what Iran has been up to.”

According to sources, Mr. Berger was able to smuggle over 12,000 pages of top secret Iranian nuclear documents out of the country after his secret meeting with Iranian nuclear officials. When asked where Mr. Berger hid the documents this time, the source stated “all I can reveal is that it wasn’t in his socks or underpants this time.” North Korea immediately issued a travel ban on Berger to safeguard their own nuclear secrets.



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