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Must-see TV?

Might there be something in those rumours about Mark Hamill strapping on the saber holster again for a “Star Wars” TV series?

IESB caught up with the actor – forever known as Luke Skywalker – at the DVD Exclusive Awards, who hinted that, yes, there might well be a “Star Wars” TV series in the works (Guess it’s safe to say then that I’ve spoke to some official troopers who’ve also confirmed it – but were hoping the news would stay under lock-and-key for a spell) and that there’s always a possibility that an aged Luke Skywalker might make an appearance.

“Never Say Never”, Hamill cheekily tells the site, stressing that “He hasn’t heard anything officially about it”, though.


I’m trying so hard right now not to get too excited about what is essentially just a rumor. But with the return to quality of Enterprise this season, and that oh-so-great “reimagining” of Battlestar Galactica on the air… well, it’s hard for a part-time sci-fi geek not to drool in anticipation of yet another quality show.

And even if it sucks, it’d still be Star Wars.


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