That Other ABC

Australia’s ABC News has a surprisingly sympathetic take on the influence of blogs on the MSM:

“The ground is shifting and the media is having a difficult time adjusting,” Mr Grabowicz said.

Though many of the blogs attacking Mr Jordan are managed by staunch conservatives, the controversy cannot be written off as a right-wing attack on the “liberal” media.

Two left-leaning Democratic legislators at the Davos event swiftly criticised Jordan’s remarks. And his performance was defended by panel moderator David Gergen, a Republican who worked with former president George Bush.

“They went after him because he is a symbol of a network seen as too liberal by some. They saw blood in the water,” Mr Gergen, the editor of US News and World Report, told the Washington Post.

The conservative Wall Street Journal editorial page at first blasted Mr Jordan, but on Monday dismissed the incident as a “kerfuffle”.


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