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Something hit my stomach, so blogging with be brief and bitter this evening. A few snippets of news. . .

Al Qaeda Number Two man Ayman al-Zawahiri on Western freedoms:


Our freedom … and the reform that we are seeking depends on three concepts — the rule of sharia (Islamic law) … freeing Islam from any aggressor … and liberating the human being.”

In the Islamic world, the people had the “right to choose its leader, hold him to account, criticise him and isolate him,” said the audiotape, in a clear response to US calls for democratic reforms in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

It seems al-Zawahiri understands what’s going on in Iraq, in a way Ted Kennedy can’t or won’t. Of course, Zawahiri has also never drank his weight in scotch with two interns on his lap, either.

North Korea is getting feistier:

“We justly urged the U.S. to renounce its hostile policy toward the DPRK whose aim was to seek the latter’s ‘regime change’ and switch its policy to that of peaceful coexistence between the two countries.”

“They have declared it as their final goal to terminate the tyranny, defined the DPRK, too, as an ‘outpost of tyranny’ and blustered that they would not rule out the use of force when necessary.”

“The U.S. has declared a new ideological standoff aimed at a ‘regime change’ in the DPRK while talking much about ‘peaceful and diplomatic solution’ to the nuclear issue and the ‘resumption of the six-party talks’ in a bid to mislead the world public opinion.


And why not? The DPRK already has nukes. Maybe there’s a lesson there.

A headline (no link yet) at Drudge says:


A good thing, too. Considering what Carter has done lately for Venezuela, if we’d sent him for tsunami relief, he’d probably somehow have caused a massive earthquake, forest fires, a drought, crop failures, and a plague of locusts.

Bad news for hockey fans:

The NHL and the Players Association broke off talks yesterday as the clock ticked down to a weekend deadline for saving what little is left of the season.

“I can tell you unequivocally and without a doubt that we are done,” NHL chief legal officer Bill Daly told The Associated Press last night.

The last time the NHL failed to award Lord Stanley’s Cup, it was due to a global flu epidemic that killed 20 million people. This time, millionaire owners and millionaire players can’t agree on a few contractural issue.

Now my stomach is really upset.


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