Some news cycles are just plain frustrating.

The mother of Michael Jackson’s accuser is named Janet Jackson! Sure, some fun might be had with that — if it weren’t a pedophilia case. We’re only five years into a new century, and we’re about to start on Trial of the Century II. Or is it III? Ugh.


Ma Bell is about to be eaten by one of her children! Sigh – telecom fights are so dot-com bubble era.

Hillary got the stomach flu! And fainted! With pictures!

A bit more ominously, Nepal is sliding into one-man rule just days after the Arab world’s first free election. Actually, the real result of King Gyanendra’s power-grab will be one more failed state: An iron first in the capital city, and chaos everywhere else. Problem is, Nepal is wedged between unfriendly neighbors China and India. Keep an eye on this one.

A&E is paying HBO $2.5 million per episode for reruns of The Sopranos. Or about $25 per f-bomb.


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