Tomorrow night, Andy (of the World Wide Rant) and I will perform an exciting, bold, and daring new experiment in blogging.

Sure, you’ve seen liveblogging of big speeches. Yeah, readers here already know about drunkblogging. Thanks to the Professor, blogging from various locations around town is nothing new. And since the early days of Samizdata and Sgt. Stryker, group-blogging is old hat.


But have you ever combined them all? Have you? Huh?

Well, we will.

From a not-so-secret location (a bar with a TV and Wi-Fi) to be announced later, Andy, myself and maybe a couple other Colorado bloggers will get drunk and liveblog the President’s State of the Union Address.

Never underestimate the power of a laptop, good friends, and a few pitchers of really good beer.

CORRECTION: Oops. Tomorrow is not Wednesday, no matter how many times I tell myself today “feels like” Tuesday.

On the other hand, give Andy and me enough beer, and we could probably drunkblog the 2008 debates no later than this coming August.


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