Rather Lied, Careers Died

So, when is CNN’s Johnathan Klein going to apologize and admit that the guys in pajamas were right, and CBS News was in the wrong? More to the point, does anybody at CNN have the guts to ask him that question?

No, of course not.

Some more dogs that won’t bark:

1. Neither Peter Jennings, nor Tom Brokaw, nor even Brian Williams will utter a peep of criticism in Rather’s direction. Ditto for Bill O’Reilly, who’ll blame the whole thing on Mary Mapes and dismiss anybody with a modem but not a TV show as being ‘nuts’ for questioning the credibility of a news anchor.

2. The Columbia Journalism Review (“America’s Premier Media Monitor”) will not issue a retraction of Corey Pein’s ridiculous attempt to acquit Rather, Mapes, CBS News, et al.

3. No major “news” publication or program (with the possible exception of Fox News) will ask the question, “Why were three women in lower level positions cut loose at CBS, but the network news president–Andrew Hayward–and Dan Rather allowed to skate?”

4. The word “blog” will not be uttered on CBS News tonight, or anytime this week, particularly not in context of this disgrace.

UPDATE: Looks like I was wrong on #4. John Hinderaker of Powerline was interviewed by CBS today. I didn’t see the CBS Evening News, but Brit Hume also had a long interview with “Hindrocket” on Fox News’ Special Report tonight. If CBS even mentioned Hinderaker and/or Powerline (if Hinderaker was interviewed today, I imagine they did), they deserve ample credit for doing so.

UPDATE UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds just absolutely eviscerated Rather and CBS on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show. I won’t even try to paraphrase it; hopefully Glenn will write up the same thing at one outlet or another of his online empire. Grab the Hewitt playback if you get the chance. Hinderaker is up next.