Power of the Pixel

Stripping Stewardess update:

Ellen Simonetti threatens “blogophobic” companies with being blacklisted by Webloggers if they don’t warm up to the online diarists.

Simonetti left Delta Airlines after eight years because, she claims, her online “Diary of a Flight Attendant” offended management.

Also known as the “Queen of Sky,” she has continued to blog and now has posted “The International Bloggers’ Bill of Rights.” It provides that Webloggers have the “freedom to blog, freedom from persecution and retaliation because of our blogs.” About 30 Webloggers have signed on, supporting the call for employers to “establish clear-cut blogging policies.” The Rights Blog is at

Simonetti’s site also lists 28 companies that she claims are “blogophobic,” and have “fired, threatened, disciplined, fined or not hired people because of their blogs.”

Simonetti is probably engaging in more than a little wishful thinking, if she thinks companies can be shamed into never retaliating against employees who blog in ways that might hurt the corporation. But that doesn’t mean other methods won’t work in response. She adds that employers could be “blacklisted by bloggers everywhere.”

Yeah, that might work.