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Flu Season Update

For those who asked, I didn't have strep throat - but thanks for all the warnings. I took them to heart, and went to see the doctor.

OK, that's not true. I usually won't see a doctor for anything less than a compound fracture, and even then I'd better be able to see the bone sticking out before I'll get in the car. I did, however, log on to WebMD to look up the symptoms.

Turns out, the only one I had in common with strep was the sore throat. Nope, what I had was the common cold - just a really nasty one. That one where you wake up with your eyelids gunked closed and your throat so sore that swallowing feels like a drowning man finally gasping air. You know - each gulp feel like acid, yet you can't do without.

Also, I learned a valuable lesson. Want to get rid of that awful Nyquil aftertaste? Chase it with a swig of good brandy. Or just skip the Nyquil and double-dose the brandy. Or both.

I usually went with the third option.

Anyway, feeling much better now, even if not quite running on all eight super-charged cylinders.