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"Buckle Up"

Michele Catalano has some soothing words:

I voted for George Bush.

I am not a redneck.

I do not spend my days watching cars race around a track, drinking cheap beer and slapping my woman on the ass.

I am not a bible thumper. In fact, I am an atheist.

I am not a homophobe.

I am educated beyond the fifth grade. In fact, I am college educated.

I am not stupid. Not by any stretch of facts.

I do not bomb abortion clinics.

You will not be thrown in jail for the sole reason of being a liberal.

Your child's public school will not suddenly turn into a center for Christian brainwashing.

Your favorite bookstore will not turn into puritan central.

This is not Nazi Germany in any way.

You will not be forced into concentration camps.

You will not be burned in human-sized ovens because of your religion.

We will not be forced to wear uniforms and march in line every day.

You will not live in fear.

If you think this is a country in which you have to live in fear, I have some friends in Iran who would like to have a little talk with you.

There's more. Read the whole thing.