This Is Getting Ridiculous

Been gone for a while, because lightning knocked out my router.

Somebody up there is upset with me today.

Hard-wired into the cable modem now.

Interesting exchange on Fox, Susan Estrich was just on spinning that Kerry has it locked up if the exit polls are correct–but Mark Melhman from the Bush campaign says that Bush is running better than the exit polls in Orange County, Florida (Orlando), where he’s a good two percentage points ahead of his 2000 tally.


With 40% of the vote in, Bush is still way up in Florida. Michael Barone says turnout has increased in Florida dramatically, and Bush’s margins are up in most counties–but Broward and Palm Beach counties have not reported in yet. Feel free to speculate as to why.

If Bush is still up when those two report in, he’s got Florida in the bag.


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