Kentucky Surprise?

Kentucky Republican Senator Jim Bunning is running 10 points behind with 30% of the vote counted. He could be in very serious trouble, and that would be a considerable upset and big surprise.


Bush is safe in Kentucky, leading 56-43. Fox has called the state for him.

UPDATE: Virginia is being labeled as “too close to call,” but only 1% of the returns are in. Fox calls West Virginia for Bush.

I don’t have access to Steve’s little map thingie; it’ll have to wait until he gets back.

Virginia’s vote count just doubled (to 2%), and Bush jumped into a lead. Meaningless numbers until it gets towards 50%. Looks like George Clooney’s father (D) is going to lose his House race in Kentucky.

Bush is staying way ahead in the national popular vote (57-42), but obviously lots and lots of states and votes are yet to be counted. Extremely slow count updates from both South Carolina and Virginia so far.

In the comments, Frank Martin suggests that massive turnout is slowing down the vote count. He’s probably right.


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