Get Ready

The polls close in Pennsylvania and the Florida Panhandle in 20 minutes. This thing is about to start getting serious.

NRO reports the Democrats are going to court to try and keep the polls open late in Ohio.


Michael Barone says Bush is getting slightly greater numbers in industrial cities in Indiana and Kentucky than he gained in 2000. Interesting to see if that is echoed in neighboring Ohio.

Jim Bunning has cut the margin to 4 points, with 51% of the vote in.

What the… Yahoo is reporting results from Florida. They’re not from the Panhandle–polls don’t close there for another 10 minutes.

Somebody has messed up; but Bush is leading in this count (real or not) 56-43.

Phew. Lawsuit filed in New Orleans to keep the polls open. I love NOLA, but it’s the most corrupt city in the nation, particularly in terms of vote fraud.

The lack of hard numbers is having a very deleterious affect on the discussions so far. Lots and lots of supposition, very little of it either interesting or enlightening.

Fox picks New Jersey for Kerry. Surprised to see that call this early. Bush projected for Tennessee and Oklahoma, Missouri too close to call.

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